Wednesday, June 22, 2011

July1st at MICA -Vend Send Mend

Here's a color version of my drawing for the Vend Send Mend show coming up at MICA. Each illustration somehow relates to vending machines! I highly recommend anyone in Baltimore who wants to donate 100 dollars to Japan in exchange for an original piece of art by one of many really talented artists from around the world. You can see more examples of other works at

My drawing in the show is 11x14 speedball super black ink on cold press paper.


Teresa Gagnon said...

I love this image it is full of personality and made me smile, now I really want ramen noodles though. What program did you use to do the lineart and coloring?

alex fine illustration said...

Thanks Theresa! I actually use either a brush or pentel brush pen do draw my lines. This one was a number 1 brush and speedball super black india ink on cold press watercolor paper. I wanted the ink to break up a little against the paper. I usually just use photoshop to digitally color.

p.s. I got hungry for ramen while I was drawing it : )