Saturday, January 7, 2012

Network Chiefs for The Hollywood Repoter

I've been really fortunate this past year and what better way to start 2012 than do a job for one of my new favorite clients. Everyone at The Hollywood Reporter has been extremely nice and easy to work with and this latest job was no exception.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter

I was fortunate enough to get to do more work for The Hollywood Reporter recently. This is about Woody Allen's disinterest in winning an Academy Award.

Disarmer Poster

Maisonneuve Magazine

This one is for a Montreal magazine called Maisonneuve. The article was about the song "Seasons in the Sun" and how it evolved from the original Jacques Brel recording to the more recent Nirvana recording.

Austin Monthly

This illustration was for Orin Brecht, a fellow MICA alumni who is the Art Director now at Austin Monthly. I've been illustrating a column every month written by a local radio personality. This is in regard to the fires in the Austin area last summer and how tweeting was a great way of communicating important info.