Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hating The Eagles Isn't Just For Music Anymore

This is probably the most frightening illustration I've done for Philly Weekly. This is a second assignment I got on Friday about how ex-Eagles running back Duce Staley freaked out on the writer who at the time had the unfortunate job of photographing Staley. Long story short, Staley and other various Eagles were not so nice and the writer now hates them. I can't say I blame him but I grew up a Redskins fan so I'm a little biased.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Samantha James Rises

I just finished this illustration for Philadelphia Weekly. Every other week I illustrate a column by writer Craig Lindsey called Power of Sould. This week is about electric soul singer Samantha James and how she is planning to strip down the effects and tour with a live band. She has a song called "Angel Love" hence the angel theme. Sometimes I just can't be as clever as I like to think I am.

Out Now - "Name That Republican" trading cards

Last November I illustrated 50 comical portraits of the GOP's finest for Chronicle Books. The cards containing the illustration on the front and a variety of fun facts on the back just became available to the public. You can get them from Chronicle's website or from any bookstore or online store like or

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sir Sidney

This illustration is for a chlidrens magazine called Crinkles. This is the first job I've done for them but I look forward to working with Mike Nguyen who is the art director and also puts out Sen Magazine which I contributed to last month. Each issue I'll be illustrating a pencil portrait of a celebrity that they will be spotlighting. This issue they will be writing about Sidney Poitier who I have always admired as an actor. I still wish I was in the band that played at the end of To Sir With Love.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Passion is a Fashion

Here are two posters I just finished for shows here in Baltimore. No disrespect to Christians and Catholics, I am just commenting on the hypocracy that is Mel Gibson. The Witchcraft poster refers to their album titled Alchemist that just came out.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Trouble With Pet Stores

This is a line drawing of the illustration I just finished for Sara Green at Philadelphia Weekly. The column involves racist ignorant behaviour at a pet store. The column's writer Liz Spikol(The Trouble with Spikol) makes a Michael Richards comparison in the story I jumped at the chance to draw Kramer. I originally drew a lot different layers(the cashier, the store, etc.) but Sara and I both agreed that just Kramer would do the job. That's why Sara is awesome.

Here's a recent sketch of Johnny Cash. I'm planning on throwing an art show/music show called Night Of 100 Johnnys where I will have 100 drawings of Johnny Cash for sale while bands play covers of his songs. By the time I'm done with the drawings I will no doubt look like this myself.

Kerouac's "On the Road" 50 Year Anniversary

I recently illustrated this for Jonathan Valania at If you haven't been there you should definitely check it out. I started working with Jonathan when I was illustrating his column "Hear No Evil" and when he left Philly Weekly I started illustrating for his blog site Every assignment he gives me is fun to work on because I usually have an interest in the subject matter. This assignment was no exception. I have always been a fan of Beat poetry and to draw Jack Kerouac and Neil Cassidy for the anniversary of On The Road was very enjoyable.

Welcome to my new blog

To welcome you to my new blog, I am posting an illustration I just finished for the Baltimore City Paper about a book called "Welcome to Baltimore, Hon." It think the art says it all. I promise to not pull a gun on you though.