Friday, April 30, 2010

Atomic Lovers First Show

A quick poster that I started sketching last weekend but finally got around to finishing. I might go back and hand draw the text in some cooler looking experimental font. If you're in Baltimore you should check this show out. I'm sure Atomic Lovers will be great!

The Loved Ones

Here's a poster that I used an older illustration for. I originally started drawing this for a show we were playing with Girl Loves Distortion but I thought the concept was getting lost so I decided to save the illustration for a more appropriate show. I think it fits this one better.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 Hour Poster Madness!!!!!

So I planned to make a poster for this show a while ago but got swamped with work that I am still working on. I was reminded that this show is in a couple weeks so I took a break yesterday for an hour to crank this out. Forgive the typography haha. I figured I'd draw a lot of hair because it's something I don't really need to sketch first. Usually I'm pretty obsessive compulsive about making the sketch exactly how I want it before inking but this was a case where I just quickly sketched the face and then just winged it on the hair......if any of my past students are reading this, don't do this!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kind of Blue....ish

This week Joe Macleod at the City Paper asked me to illustrate a "Kind of Blue" era Miles Davis. I prefer drawing older, more haggard versions of people but I couldn't decide to go scary Miles or cool Miles so I did both. Sometimes sketches aren't enough and you just have to do 2 finals. The top illustration was chosen but I still kind of prefer scary Miles haha. It also ended up printing black and white so I thing a graphite realist portrait might have been good too. I'll post the thumbnails for this later because they are pretty funny to look at.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Illustration Friday - Linked

This week I've been busier than any week I've had since becoming an illustrator but I had to take a little time out for IF this week because the word is perfect for a little commentary on student loans and the way they keep recent grads from having the freedom to pursue their future goals. The same goals that were the reason for going to college in the first place.....maybe I'm just bitter haha.