Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mann Center Baseball Cards

I recently completed a fun job for AEG Live and The Mann Center in Philadelphia, PA. Jon Hampton from AEG Live came up with an idea to have me illustrate and design the fronts and backs of baseball cards to be distributed as free gifts to the fans at each concert. Each card was a tribute to popular baseball cards from the past and each back contains a blurb and cartoon about the musician. I seriously got to draw some of my favorite musicians. It also led to a job designing a tour poster for Death Cab for Cutie that I will post shortly. There are 18 cards total and at least 6,000 were distributed at each concert. Thanks again to Jon and Jen at AEG for another fun and crazy busy summer.


The Painting Queen said...

So cool. Really well done!

bassplayeroceanside said...

Great job on the card series! I got my first one in 2013 at the Steely Dan concert and now I want to try and collect ones from previous concerts. How do I go about purchasing or acquiring them?